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How to de-stress: skin care menu

We are all subject to stress in our lives. Stress can be fleeting or long-lasting, stable or fluctuating, crippling or subtle. What makes it all the more challenging is that stress affects people in different ways and therefore it can be difficult to identify.

Research shows that skin is a stress perceiver and a target of stress responses. As the largest organ of the body, skin plays important barrier and immune functions, maintaining homeostasis between external environment and internal tissues.1

Skin issues such as aging and inflammation are common response to stress. To combat this we’ve put together a menu of products to help save your skin.

The De-Stress Menu


Crème Cleanser (ginseng, papaya, manuka honey) – this gently balancing, light-lathering cleanser combines natural antioxidants contained in papaya and manuka honey extracts. Ginseng, rosehip, calendula and witch hazel help to tone, nourish and cleanse. Use daily and apply to fingertips and gently massage over your face and neck.


Hand & Body Wash (lemon myrtle, olive oil and blackwood wattle) followed by Hand & Body Lotion (marshmellow, dragonfruit, lemon myrtle) – gently lather your skin with the wash, rinse and dry off and follow with applying the lotion. The combined natural plant extracts in these product offer intense hydration with natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Incorporate this into your daily skincare routine and your skin will be left feeling hydrated, conditioned and soothed with a fresh citrus scent.


Bath Soak (manuka honey, native seaweed, marshmellow) – this one is all about relaxing and giving your brain some much-needed time out as and when you need it. Pour two handfuls of the mineral-rich soak into your bath water, allow to dissolve and then jump straight in. Best served with a warm bath, candles to set the mood and calming music or a nice, easy read!


Refining Night Crème (crown of gold, manuka honey, native frangipani) – before you ‘hit the hay’, apply this to your face and neck. This antioxidant-enriched crème contains an impressive list of natural ingredients – stabilised vitamin C, crown of gold, frangipani, rosehip, manuka honey and cacay oil – for intense hydration and moisturisation. What sweet dreams are made of!

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