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An Essential Introduction to Essential Oils

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Ingredient Focus: Blackwood Wattle

Origin: Leaf Odour: Clean characteristic note Found in: Hand & Body Wash (lemon myrtle / olive oil / blackwood wattle)

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Do you really care for your hair?

Think back to the last time you had your hair done, that feeling when you leave the hair dresser and you feel fresh, healthy and like everything is just falling into place… at least that’s how you feel about your hair!

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Six reasons to start using essential oils today!

Are you new to essential oils and wondering where to start? Do you already use and love essential oils but want to understand how you can be more strategic about your oil selection?

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Which 3 ingredients will your baby’s skin love?

Goat milk Goat milk soothes baby’s skin, relieving dryness and irritation, softening and nourishing to promote healthy skin. Goat Milk contains all of the known essential amino acids andover 50 nutrients including C, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and many other trace elements such as Zinc which helps to retain moisture and maintain elasticity. … Continued

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Ingredient Focus: Marshmallow

Origin: Whole plant Odour: Clean, sweet noteFound in: Hand & Body Lotion (marshmallow, dragonfruit, lemon myrtle), bath soak, refining serum

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Origin: Whole fruit Odour: Sweet plum note Found in: Hand & Body Lotion (davidson plum / geranium / moringa oil)

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Ingredient Focus: Lilli Pilli / Riberry

Origin: Fruit Odour: Fresh and TartFound in: Conditioner, Shampoo, Advanced Day Crème  

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Summer inspired skincare

Summer has hit in Australia! For many of us that means festivities, a few extra cocktails, sand, salt water and sun. We’re not about telling you not to enjoy the spoils of summer, but we are about equipping you with what you need to look after your skin all year around. Here are some of … Continued

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The secret to staying hydrated and fresh faced during spring racing

We all know the weather during racing season is notoriously unpredictable and while we celebrate the racing season, exposure to the elements, a full face of make-up and alcohol all require us to step up our skincare game. Aside from making sure you drink plenty of water, how can you keep your skin hydrated and looking fabulous?

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