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Botany Essentials: how to choose your skin care

The Botany Essentials range boasts a number of brands. But which skin care range is best suited to your skin? To help you choose, we dish the dirt on each range below.

Botany naturals

Botany naturals is our premium skin and body care range that utilises over 20 highly potent Australian plant extracts such as native frangipani, papaya, green tea, kakadu plum and lilli pilli (to name just a few!). Active and clinically proven properties within these extracts include powerful anti-oxidants, amino acids, minerals, anti-aging and collagen supporting, anti-inflammatory properties for optimal skin health, beauty and conditioning. The ingredient list reads like a botanists thesis. Botany naturals ticks all the boxes in performance and style. 

Botany naturals baby

With a midwife as a co-owner, the premium natural baby range was developed based on professional experience. Botany naturals baby is an ultra-gentle baby skin care range which is free of synthetics and harmful ingredients. It utilises goat milk, soothing chamomile, lavender and aloe vera and was designed for the most sensitive skin. It’s a modest range of four products that includes a shampoo and wash, lotion, bottom crème and bath bubbles for fun times.

Botany aromatherapy

Botany aromatherapy is a spa-inspired skin care range that uses natural plant aromatics. The products incorporate the natural plant liquids and essences derived from essential oils: leaves, grasses, herbs, spices, wood and flowers.

Botany aromatherapy oils

The Botany aromatherapy oils range includes 100% natural and pure essential oils as well as various accessories such as vaporisers, tealights, charcoal, menthol crystals, incense and resins.

DNA serums

DNA serums contain intensive liquids, vitamins and extracts that actively regulate and support healthy skin appearance. These serums nourish the skin and assist with smoothing fine lines and blemishes by supporting healthy collagen formation, promoting cell turnover and giving a youthful appearance to the skin. There are six unique serums in the range.

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