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Ingredient Focus: Strawberry Gum Leaf

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Origin: Leaf
Odour: Strawberry or passion fruit aroma
Found in: Botany® Native Flora Serum

Strawberry Gum Leaf is derived from the Eucalyptus olida tree native to the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales Australia. This botanical treasure is known for its distinctive strawberry-like fragrance and a myriad of potential health benefits. The leaves of this aromatic plant are often used in indigenous Australian bush food and traditional medicine applications, thanks to their rich essential oil content.

The key actives and benefits* of Strawberry Gum Leaf include:

  • PHENOLICS – Aids in combating the effects of skin aging and damage, including minor wounds and burns
  • CINNAMIC ACID – Reduces UV-A and UV-B  preventing skin damage
  • PROTOCATECHUIC ACID (PCA) – Exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects, effective for anti-wrinkle and reducing the effects of skin aging
  • FLAVONOID GLYCOSIDES – Shown to aid in inflammation and a range of other skin conditions such as ermatitis, acne and rosacea
  • ELLAGIC ACID (EA) – Protects the skin from UV damage and improve skin hydration with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • METHYL-CINNAMATE – An important inducer of collagen deposition and stimulator of wound healing
  • GALLIC ACID (GA) – An antioxidant reducing damage caused by free radicals and treats the effects of UV damage

The Strawberry Gum Leaf, with its many benefits, stands as a testament to the botanical wealth found in Australia. Infusing the air with a delightful strawberry aroma, this native plant goes beyond its sensory allure and stands out as potent ingredient that benefits the skin in a variety of ways.


*It’s important to note that everyone’s skin is different and for any serious skin concerns a dermatologist should be consulted.

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