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SOS: Winter is here and my skin needs saving!

Is your skin screaming out for hydration, moisturisation and rejuvenation?

Winter has hit in Australia and our bodies are experiencing a dramatic shift in the weather – out is the hot and dry, in is the damp and cool. Your skin is excused if it is feeling a little dull, and frankly, confused! We have a pick-me-up just for your skin – a skin care routine that will keep your skin glowing through the cooler months and help it cope with the changes in season.

In the morning…

Start the day by spraying your face with Botany Naturals Hydrating Mist. It will instantly hydrate and make you feel more awake! Follow with Botany Naturals Advanced Day Crème on your face and one of the Botany Naturals Hand + Body Lotions (we have two amazing flavours to choose from) on the rest of your body.

TIP#1: If you wear make-up, you can apply the Advanced Day Crème before your foundation.

TIP #2: If you’re on a budget it’s ok to use the Hand and Body Lotion on your face too. Everything in our range is 100% natural.

In the evening…

Remove any make-up using the Botany Naturals Crème Cleanser. Apply Refining Serum followed by Refining Night Crème to your face.

TIP #3: If it doesn’t break your budget, I like to use both the Night Crème and the Refining Serum. But for the cost-conscious one is better than none.

Once per week…

Exfoliate your body with Botany Naturals Mineral-Rich Exfoliant.

In addition to our suggested skin care routine, don’t forget to keep up your water intake and to nourish your body with good, nutrient-rich foods. Here’s to happy skin all the year round!

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